Intelligent stairs switch segments true API?

hi guys,

just new here and have to say love the wled solution i just needs some help. i want to control wled with my domoticz system. somebody already build a plugin but it was based on a older release so segments where not included. ad that developer doesn’t have time at the moment to build a new plugin.

So i was wondering if someone could help me find out how i can switch on/of the different segments true the api? if i could do this url based i can configure this within domoticz. i don’t have knowledge of json so it’s a little difficult for me so i could use some help

i want to build a intelligent stars and for that i need to switch segments one by one. i might have a hardware solution as a backup plan but would be great to do it true the software

all help is welcome and thank you in advanced




Hi, awesome that you like WLED!
yep, it would definitely be cool if domoticz joined Home assistant on the list of automation systems capable of using the JSON API to set segments!
For the stairway use case, maybe tinkering with this usermod could be an alternative in the meantime! Together with settings the number of LEDs per step as the segment grouping property and using the Wipe effect could work nicely instead of using multiple segments!
I hope your project will go well :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input and sorry for the late reply. had some vacations.
the usermod is a amazing option but i had my mind set on the walking motion :wink:

and after some thinking i made it work with the standard api. Now i am able to control the leds step by step with my domoticz system and i am able to make the “walking led motion” both ways ( up and down) so with two motion sensors i trigger the direction the leds walk. i can control the speed color etc.

i made a small proof of concent, later this month i will install it on my stairs

thanks for the amazing software!! your the real MVP