IOT4WLED Ready to use board

first of all thanks for great work that has gone into the development of WLED!
I finished my first WLED projects and I´m looking into trying new hardware configurations. On the WLED github I found the IOT4WLED Board but I couldn´t find any information or user experiences about it.
It looks really convenient and it is CE certified(at least the sticker says that) which would be interesting if you want to sell lamps in Europe.
What I couldn`t figure out is how many LEDs(WS2812b) I could run directly off it.
The lable on the device says “5V - 0.2W” which would indicate that
I need run power to the leds parallel to the IOT4WLED or does this just relate to the esp-board power usage?
Would love to hear if someone has used it already or knows where to find more information about it.

here is the link:


Best would be to ask the IOT4 company to add that info to their site!

0.2W almost certainly refers to the power usage of the controller itself, the amount of LED current it can handle is higher. I would trust that controller with a maximum of 3 amps (15W), which is the typical maximum rating of the JST connector going to the LEDs, but to be safe I’d need to see the internal wiring.

Happy new year!

Thanks for the quick reply!
I tried to contact IOT4 via the contact form on their website, unfortunately its broken and wont submit the mail. I`ll try to get in touch with them for more in detail specs and internal wiring and post their reply here if someone finds themselves in the same position.

Happy new year!