How does one edit the ir.json file?

I have WLED running on a nodemcu esp8266 board with an IR receiver. The led strip works fine, and most of the buttons on my remote work, however there are a few buttons that do weird things that I’d like to change. I understand the json format, I just have no clue how to access/edit it on the controller.

hi , did you check this ?


Which is why I understand how to edit the json. I just have no idea how to get it on the controller after it’s been written.

i just tested editing the presets.json from http://wled-ip/edit and the changes reflected after reboot
Is this not the same for Ir.Json ?

Ok, I’m an idiot.

Completely missed that url in the docs. Thank you!

You can also upload it directly on the LED settings page just beneath the IR dropdown.

Doesn’t appear to be an option in 0.12.0

Guessing that must be a new feature in one of the beta releases.

Ok, remotes works ng, however any time I turn on a preset, it gets locked into that mode and nothing gets it out of it. I can’t change to a different preset, turn it off, switch to a color, or anything else with the remote.

If I log into the web gui and set it back to solid I can use the remote again as expected.

Using the 44 button remote from the docs along with the provided json file. Ir sensor is on pin 1

0.13-b6 has fewer bugs than 0.12

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Got it, but aren’t beta releases typically less stable? Or am I not understanding how beta is being used here?

Everything is in beta these days :wink:

Or to put it another way, the known bugs in V12 that are fixed outweigh the unknown in V13…

@divsys put it nicely.
I’ll be more blunt: I have not seen a finished software since Windows 3.0 came out.

It isn’t just that you can’t upload the file in 0.12, none of JSON remote functionality existed.

And what about Microsoft Bob? I think that one was finished even as they rolled it out.

Points of taken, again thank you.

Upgraded to 0.13.0-b6, selected the 44 key rgb remote(same one pictured on the website) it behaves the same as before the upgrade. Everything works til I hit a DIY button to trigger a preset. As soon as I hit DIY#, the preset starts, but then the remote stops until I connect to the web gui and set it back to solid, after which the remote works until I try turn on a preset again.

Any ideas?

Don’t select 44 key remote, select json remote and upload 44 key config file. Otherwise, you’re still using the previous functionality.

Tried uploading the json, same thing.

However, one interesting thing I noticed tonight playing with the presets. This issue only appears if the preset plays an effect. If I configure a preset just to display a solid color, the remote continues to work after selecting the preset. If the preset plays an effect then the remote stops working.

It doesn’t matter if you uploaded the json file. If you still have it set on 44 key instead of json remote, it won’t use it.


It is set to json remote. The option to load a file isn’t available if you set it to anything else.

Alright, there are some ways you can upload it w/o setting it to json remote so I wanted to be sure. DIY 1-6 are mapped to presets 1-6. If you you select those presets in the UI, it continues to work as expected?