Issues when changing mode text scroll to 2d matrix presets

i have issues when changing mode from scrolling text to 2D animated custom matrix t ( see picture )
this change make 1D effect pixel will be invisible than chnged automaticly to

then make my animated matrix show not correctly

then i must enter effect into solid mode only for make expand 1d effect effects to PIXEL
then enter again my preset animated matrix to show normaly

and 2nd i have issue when i changed mode from it


what is this??

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The eye means segment are frozen , this will be the case when you use individual led control , use {“seg”:{“id”:0,“frz”:false}} to unfreeze , for the expand 1D FX you can use m12=0 to get pixels

im sorry i have been updated testing to switch between text scrolling and presets thats was not work and still freeze show not corectly and i use this

({"seg":{"n": segN ,"ps":"1","m12":"3","fx":"122","frz":"false"}});

thats also when i change scrolling text to playlist

i have no found documentation about calling presets ID (with playlist inside)

i have been try to
({"seg":{"n": segN ,"ps":"1","m12":"0","fx":"122","frz":"true"}});

also not working and freeze

please how i must do

To call playlist
The api info is here , just make sure not to mix the State object with the segment object

i have been try to view json state on wled

and i copy all response then i copy to my json post between
custom animated matrix (playlist) and running text
its always show problem between this two transitions / chnange

to solve it i need to change manualy use solid mode , then i enter to segnent tab then i change 1d effect from bar to pixel. (its same as value m12:0 as i see on json documentations )
but i see m12:3 on my json stats

i believe this is the main problem

You might need to test what works best for you but we either run {“seg”:{“id”:0,“frz”:false}} in the middle or simply save a scrolling text preset and activate that .

but why after i change from scrolling text to my custom animated become not shown correctly?
btw im use pixart from github to upload manualy?
or u have suggestion for generate?

In our tests , we can use pixel art ( saved in a preset ) and after that we can use a preset for scrolling text .
I have tested briefly for HA automation and both frz and m12 worked . If you are still facing issues then make sure to compile latest first and if you still facing issue then post on discord or github

noted , i will try anotherway first before

hey i found that problem as u said ,
the main problem its we need to add that 2 value and i try on default gui 1st
and the result is
the m12 should be 0 and frz should be false and i put manualy on running text presets

{"on":true,"bri":20,"transition":7,"mainseg":0,"seg":[{"id":0,"start":0,"stop":8,"startY":0,"stopY":8,"grp":1,"spc":0,"of":0,"on":true,"frz":false,"bri":255,"cct":127,"n":"mytext running here","col":[[255,0,255],[0,0,0],[0,0,0]],"fx":122,"sx":120,"ix":128,"pal":11,"c1":0,"c2":128,"c3":16,"sel":true,"rev":false,"mi":false,"rY":false,"mY":false,"tp":false,"o1":false,"o2":false,"o3":false,"si":0,"m12":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0},{"stop":0}]}

1D effects its unavailable to access after changing mode to running text then i force m12 to pixel and frz i force to 0

thats now running smooth between 2 transitions thanks @ALDIY 2 thumb up

I have the same issue hopefully the led pixel art converter guy fixes it in the next update or something.