It stops for awhile every 10 seconds

Hi, recently I had glitches cause misadaptation of data line, I’ve solved it now as I don’t see more. Now I’m noticing the effect stops for a while in all stripe regular about every 10 seconds, looks ESP is busy doing something else, what can be? How can I disable it? Thank you

Hi, make sure Blynk (Sync settings, make sure the API token field is empty, and does not say “Hidden”) and NTP (time settings) are disabled. I hope that will fix the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve disabled NTP and blynk was empty, anyway I’ve deactivated everything on sync too. What else can be? The effect itself? It’s located far from me and it’s difficult to make experiments. There is any way to debug it?

I’ve checked on Mikrotik, the wifi signal is stable (not changing the transmission speed), -74dB, I’ve placed it to a separate network, so it doesn’t receive other broadcasts, and I can see a packet only every about 1 minute. That’s a bit strange…

The effect you are using is likely not the culprit (seems like Glitter with the Colors only palette).
How many LEDs do you have and are you using ESP8266 or ESP32?
You can try if rebooting helps with the problem, for debugging the “Peek” functionality in the UI is useful as it will show what is sent to your LEDs.

What’s the distance between your Controller and Start of the Lights ?
What type of wire you have used to connect the Data Out of WLED to LEDs.

the probem isn’t present more, I’ve created desidered effects on another WSP/stripe and pasted JSON to this ESP… I don’t see problems now. I wasn’t a problem of wires, and the LED effect was working, it was just a “pause” on outputting. I don’t know why, maybe a wrong settings on JSON? Maybe an effect bug…