Late start on Halloween

A few days ago a neighbor made a comment saying he was surprised I didn’t have anything out for Halloween. So, I got to work and this is what I have so far…

Still a work in progress (especially since I haven’t yet built the giant spider for it yet), but it’s coming along.


hi. can you say us the conections diagram? is this e1.31 effect or built-in halloween efect?

It’s the built-in halloween effect. I have a playlist that runs through several different effects for it.

I don’t have any sort of connection diagram to share, sorry. But basically, I started at the bottom left of the spider web and went up and down to do all the verticals first (much like a mega tree). Each vertical strand is a full 50 pixel string. The verticals end the last one at the point. From there, I ran a short wire down to the first horizontal strand across. Then another short wire to start the next horizontal and just continued to zig-zag. Since all the full vertical strand meet at the top, it was a nice convenient spot to put power injection. I ran a couple more short wires down from the top to do power injection for the horizontal strands as well.

Hope that helps!