Late start on Halloween

A few days ago a neighbor made a comment saying he was surprised I didn’t have anything out for Halloween. So, I got to work and this is what I have so far…

Still a work in progress (especially since I haven’t yet built the giant spider for it yet), but it’s coming along.


hi. can you say us the conections diagram? is this e1.31 effect or built-in halloween efect?

It’s the built-in halloween effect. I have a playlist that runs through several different effects for it.

I don’t have any sort of connection diagram to share, sorry. But basically, I started at the bottom left of the spider web and went up and down to do all the verticals first (much like a mega tree). Each vertical strand is a full 50 pixel string. The verticals end the last one at the point. From there, I ran a short wire down to the first horizontal strand across. Then another short wire to start the next horizontal and just continued to zig-zag. Since all the full vertical strand meet at the top, it was a nice convenient spot to put power injection. I ran a couple more short wires down from the top to do power injection for the horizontal strands as well.

Hope that helps!

Now I need to talk to Ray Wu for Halloween 2022.

Spiderweb is great docmattman.

Thanks @Retired2021. It was pretty easy to build the web using just the ws2811 strings, but it needed power injection in several spots (since they are all 5v pixels) to keep it all uniformly bright.