LED pixels Chang to random colors at the end of my run

I have roughly 500’ of GS8208 led pixels, when I up the milliamp the last 150 +- feet go crazy with random colors, don’t follow the colors or pattern I select on the WLED app. But as soon as I lower the milliamp/make them less bright it all goes back to normal. How do I fix this? What could be the issue? I want them brighter but they go crazy when I do. Weird it’s towards the end and not all the lights. Any help or suggest would be great. Thanks in advance.

What is the voltage at that end when you turn it up?

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Voltage tester is readying 3V DC

Should be 5v, unless you are mistakenly trying to measure the data line. :wink:

If these are 12V LEDs, it should read 12V?

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Ah, yep!

Do you think there would be a voltage drop after 150’ of installed lights?

Voltage drops can happen at 2M with 5V, longer with 12V. This is why I said to measure the voltage. :wink:

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