LEDs flash on after playlist ends

I have created a two playlist for my stairs. The first playlist wipes on the lights. The second playlist is to wipe off the lights. The issue I’m having is with the second playlist. After the playlist ends, the lights turn off for a fraction of a second, then flash back on and off again. I’ve tried adjusting the brightness because I’ve found at very low brightness the lights turn red briefly when turning off. That unfortunately didn’t help, even at a Brightness that doesn’t cause a red effect the lights still flash on after the playlist ends.

I’m new to the community so I’m not sure what all information you need.

I have 116 LEDs running off a 5v 10amp power supply. They are connected to an 8266 and I’m using a logic shifter. I’ve also tried turning the brightness limiter off.

The second playlist (one I’m having difficulty with) the preset order is:
Solid Warm - duration 0.2 transition 0.7
Reverse Wipe - duration 1.3 transition 0.7
Off - duration 1.3 transition 0.7

Here are my presets:

Solid Warm


Reverse Wipe




Maybe someone can suggest an easier way to accomplish the wipe on and wipe off effect on the stairs. I’ve dug around but only have found a usermod. I tried to compile it yesterday but failed. That is when I discovered it could be done using a playlist. I’m attempting that route but also finding it difficult to find the correct settings.

make the Off preset an End preset in playlist and remove everything except "on":false from it.

Thank you for the reply. That does seem to have fixed the flicker on at the end, however something new has come up. Now the reverse wipe starts about 1/3 of the way up the strip, instead of starting at the last LED.

Sadly, effects are asynchronous. The start is random. The stairway usermod gets around this with code.

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Ok, back to figuring out how to compile a usermod. Can you recommend of any good tutorials on this subject?

Just here… Help on usermods - #2 by tonyno

Fantastic, thank you!