Wipe off effect?!


i use a playlist with a wipe and than a solid effect with my Homeassistant.


now i want that when my motion sensor has no motion anymore i must reverse or wipe off the wipe effect after the solid effect is executed in my playlist. not reverse the direction, reverse the wipe effect. he should shut down the led in the reverse direction

or gives any other possibilities?
the problem is when i use reverse the stripe goes out and then reverse, but i want after the solid directly and then wipe off

Just played with this for someone else’s question.

For the segment reverse the direction.
For the effect swap out the Foreground and Background colours.

Adding a “tb”:0 on the presets will make sure the effect always starts from the same place.

For me it works well with either Wipe or Sweep.
Turning Mirror on in the segment can be pretty cool as well…

i tried your suggestions, but i have a problem, this is my code


the problem is the effect goes from top to bottom ON, but i want from top to Bottom OFF.

is this because i must swap the colors?
this is my config for the colors.

how can i swap the colors? by doubleclick he makes the same as by singleclick


I just use Default for the palette.
The colour choice I’m talking about is the set of 3 colour circles labelled “1”,“2”,“3” above the palette selection but below the colour sliders.
For Sweep and Wipe, colour #1 choses the foreground (colour you’re changing to) and #2 choses the background (colour you’re changing from).
So ON uses 1-White, 2-Black while OFF uses 1-Black, 2-White.

Here’s a JSON example of the ON preset:

And the OFF preset:

i tested it i choose for the first color black, and for color 2 white and 3 is black.

but now the leds only blink one time and stops.


Check your settings again.
On one you’ve chosen Black-Black-Black (treppe_2ter) and the other is Black-White-Black (treppe_1ster).
What version of WLED are you running Btw?

i dont know why he added “treppe_2ter” this is not selected in the UI. i only select “treppe_1ster”.
i have version 0.13

i reached a little goal, make a video for better understanding

the wipe works, then he changes to solid, thats correct to, and then he makes a second solid and than the sweep from top to bottom.

my config is that the wipe and the solid is in the first playlist, in the second playlist is a solid and the sweep.

you see in the video a blink when he changes from the first playlist to the second.
i tried to add in the second playlist a solid before the sweep because i tried to remove the “blink”.

i need 2 playlists because i want to control it over my motion sensors.
gives a elegant way Or do I have to live with it?

Make sure you have a “tb”:0 entry in each preset.
That makes the effect start from a fixed “timebase”, we like to think they start from “Zero” or no effect, but not always.

If you’re getting “odd stuff” in your playlists (like that treppe_2ter entry), that’s a good sign you may have messed up a preset or playlist.
Many times I’ve caused myself grief by playing around with a preset and getting close to what I want but it wouldn’t work right.
Sometimes if you rebuild the preset from scratch it will “clean” some leftover settings you weren’t expecting.

The last thing you could try is a transition from playlist 1 to 2 so the “blink” is not as abrupt.

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okay i had it work, but then wled detelets all my presents, the work of 5 days is gone… thats really a bad joke


i give up and search for another software, something like this must not happen!!!

Yes that happens depending on the version you're running. I've found it's not usually completely fatal, that note about "a backup of the last known good state" is important.

If you click “Copy to the clipboard” then go to http://my-wled-IP/edit and presets.json, you can paste it back to the presets and hit save.
You may have to manually edit extra blanks out of the json string but it will give you your presets back.

If it’s too much trouble for you then by all means you can try and find something better.
For me, WLED is still the most powerful piece of addressable LED software I’ve come across even with it’s warts.

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I have reconsidered the whole thing a bit, maybe it was also my mistake, I will start again completely from scratch in peace. and then make a backup each time

Yah I’ve been there, when you put hours of effort in and something goes oooooops.
Hang in there, I promise you’ll learn more than just frustration, we’ll help where we can.

For me (and many others) this software has been worth the pain of bugs, especially compared with some of our personal efforts at try to do the same thing.

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okay i tried it but now the esp is gone. i added a present and saved it, than refreshed the page and the present was deletet again.

now the esp is completete dead over the UI, the led is on but no more…

okay i reflashed the esp32, wow that was a big surprise :blush:

what is the best way to turn the leds off in a playlist ?

i tried a presents with a solid and all colors black but than the led go red and then off.

I normally use solid all black and/or set “on”:false in JSON.
For playlists, solid - Black is probably preferable.

When setting segment options and colours, you have to make sure the segment is checked on.
After you’ve done a save, it’s often worthwhile to see what’s been saved in JSON data just to be sure.

Remember, go slow and take things one step at a time.
I create my all my presets first and make sure they work manually one at a time in the order you think they’ll execute.
Then try and combine them into an automatic playlist.

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ive tried it with solid black, and with on to false, but always he changes to red dann off.

i think it worked before the big crash, i dont know where now the problem is.

i found the problem i think, i had a effect blends with ocean color aktivated, when i now activate off, it goes from red to black.

when i now make a solid white and press off it works.

it has to do with the present with my blends and the color ocean. Have you perhaps a idea?


Okay i found the right command


okay now iam playing a litte bit with the possibilities but i think i reached the limit.

my idea was, every step a segment, than turn a sweep from example right to left, and then a solid effect and this from the top to the bottom step for step.

but this means i need for every step a playlist with the both effects correct? this means i must toogle the playlist in HA for every step, for example playlist1 wait 1 second playlist 2 wait 1 sec playlist 3.

i sure this kills my wled when i send every second or every 2 seconds a command.

There is a usermod for that.

Which one ?

animated staircase