LEDs lik a seed

Hello I am using an esp8266 with WLED.
This works with the 12 mm bullet pixel
BUT not with link

The pixels have the same connectors with red plus , white minus and green data.
However, I can not control your LED.
The image on the website false, the middle wire is on white wire and that is ground
Do you have an idea why the LED can not be controlled?
Does anyone have experience with these LEDs?´
does anyone know what these led’s are really called to google for them?

WLED should be able to control those. Most times those LEDs are +, -, Data. So the White being connected to the middle is likely correct. The reason the Green is in the middle of the connector is because normally controllers that have JST connectors coming out of them are wired as you said +, Data, -.

If you are trying to use those LEDs without the JST connector you need to connect them like they were wired to the connector. Sometimes you can identify the + by it being a gold colored wire, - would be the next and data would be the last.

Are you sure you powered them with 5v and not 12 v by mistake?

thank you for the answer.
It is exactly as you described it, and the + is also gold color.
I don’t have 12 V, because I use a 5 V 70A power supply which also powers my esp8266 and the level shifter.
The LED’s are on but I can’t control them.
what if I feed the data to the wrong end?
how do the ws2812B chips behave when they are controlled upside down?

Then nothing would change/happen. They would have power assuming +/- hooked up correctly, but no data to instruct them to do anything.

There should be an arrow printed on the LED strip near the data line to show which direction the data needs to flow.

You should be able to control them if everything is connected correctly and if your settings are correct in WLED (gpio, led type). Connecting to the wrong end of the string would not let you control them. Data only flows one direction.

Actually if they are the fixed addressed lights, and it looks like they are, the data wire is continuous and you can feed the data in at any point.

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I based my answer off the listing saying “Addressable Individually” but we know that Chinese English is not always right. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m more concerned with the statement “the LEDs are on but I can’t control them.” If they are not getting the data signal, they shouldn’t light up at all. So either your connection is loose, your data made it through once (to light them up initially) but not reliably; you fed them too many volts (if you apply 12v to a 5v string some will light up when power is applied but they will never be able to be controlled again); or you’ve got a short somewhere. The epoxy coated wires can short if you put a tight kink in them or wrap them too tightly around a mail, etc.

I much prefer the PVC coated fairy lights over the epoxy coated copper.

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Like these https://m.aliexpress.us/item/3256804704108796.html

Or these