LEDs turn off after a time

After a time (maybe half an hour, may or may not be consistent I don’t know they are in my kids room) the LEDs turn off.

They are controlled by MQTT (via node red) which its sending the scenes (JSON package). I’ve not investigated deep on the MQTT side yet but no reason I am aware of that it would send an off.

Ive not seen anything to say WLED scenes only stay on for a time?

Could be wifi drop /reboot?

Just making sure Im not missing anything obvious on the WLED side (like all scenes timeout after x minutes) before I dig deep to try and solve this.

Do you have any buttons configured? Or could node red be sending the nightlight attribute? The default time for nightlight is to shut off after 60 minutes.

no buttons, nightlight not been sent. I’m thinking wifi drop most likely, Ive now disabled WiFi sleep on the esp (WiFi settings). Ive not got retain set in MQTT so adding that will probably help (assuming not retain on WLED, I have it off as default as Tasmota also does a retain so it clashes, but with no retain in WLED I should probs have it on).

Ive just spotted the “uptime” and its currently showing 2hr30m, Ive been out but there’s no reason it should have power cycled so next time it goes off I’ll check this to see if its resetting.