Macro for LO and HI at digital input

Is there a way to achieve the following with macros:
When digital input 0 is pulled LO → turn OFF LED’s
When digital input 0 is pulled HI → turn ON LED’s

Are you running an ESP32 or ESP8266?
Both will allow GPIO0 to be used as an input and have that pin pulled-up internally by default.
They differ in how they may respond when booted up.
The ESP32 should be no issue, while the ESP8266 will enter FLASH mode if that pin is held Lo on boot.

Other than that you can configure GPIO0 as a Button input, choose Switch as the button type.
Your switch should connect from GPIO0 to ground.
Create 2 presets, one with API command “&T=0” (for Off) and the other “&T=1” (for On).
Under Time & Macros assign your button On->Off the “Off” preset and Off->On the “On” preset.

That should do it.

Thanks for your reply. Ended up doing pretty much the same thing you suggested except I am using GPIO3 on the ESP8266. Otherwise as you said GPIO 0 LO on boot will make the ESP enter flash mode.