More restrict individual LED control with "i" in segments

Hi, i really love the “i” feature in segments. I use it in SK6812 stripes to overlay a fixed segment with warm white when opening a drawer or something like that for illumination. Great that the segment just continues after unfreezing!

But i have the following restrictions:

  • It is not possible to override the overall brightness.
  • It is not working if power is off.

I would like to have a second more restrict individual LED control, so that


really switch on the white LED only with full brightness. Ore is there any other was to get this? Since i am receiving via UDP Sync there is no way with presets i think.


I can not comment on the SK6812 as i have only ws2812b , but for the on and brightness part ,
I just tested {“on”:“true”,“bri”:255,“seg”:{“i”:[0,[255,255,255], 1,[255,255,255]]}} on a unit that was off and it worked and the first two leds came on white at full brightness ( if i send the api again unit turns off )

Yes, sure, but then the brightness will not be restored after you unfreeze that segment

I missed that part of your post , yes everything you use with individual LED control will be lost once you unfreeze . This is the same behavior when using pixel art tools as it is just sending the api the same way

When you are doing individually pixel control, you are responsible for making brightness adjustments. You have to calculate and adjust before you send the data.

Yes, so i asked for that enhancement.

Brightness adjustment is not possible since it would also affect the other segments.

“i” is override pixel API. It cannot work with global brightness.

yes, right. It was only an idea for an enhancement: To add an hard override feature which doesn’t care about the global brightness. So 0,0,0,255 then would be full white independent of brightness.

But maybe that would destroy the structure of the code, I don’t know that of course.