More Segments please

Would be thrilled if segments could be increased to 20. I have 1000 lights installed on my deck and I want to setup segments for each 6’ section of railing. Works great up to 11 segments and then I run out. Looks awesome but I want to do it around the entire deck. Mirror effect makes it even cooler! Thanks for the fantastic program!

I think this is a limitation of the hardware memory, not the code. You can try to up it in the code and recompile if you aren’t using a a bunch of memory intensive effects and using something like vixen or xlights to talk directly to the controller. Alternatively, you could add another wemos, but you would definitely need to use something external to control it all.


You can go higher with an ESP32, with an ESP8266 we are unfortunately very close to memory exhaustion and more than 12 segments aren’t really feasible/would lead to instabilities.
With an ESP32, there are less limitations, the default max is 16 segments for that. Increasing it even further would just be a matter of raising MAX_NUM_SEGMENTS in the FX.h file and raising JSON_BUFFER_SIZE in const.h and compiling.

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Thanks for the advise. I’ll give that a shot.

Some ESPs are finally out with 8 and 16M. :wink: