My first Pixel controller PCB

Been working on this PCB for while now with the helps from @Jinx and @srg74 on the logic shifter. I made a few version based on the different type of logic shifter but end up I settle with TXS0108E. Finally I got it done and sent it to make the PCB. Will update this once I get it.

It finally arrived. It so beautiful to look at. Hope it works. 2 already been sold once the final testing is done. Hope you guys like it.


I like your board layout, im having trouble following ground on it. But that could be me. Is the idea here to run just the data lines , driving them from 3.3 to 5 volt trough the shifter into the jacks and not run power through them (would be a heavy load if you did)

I see the capacitor, that should smooth out the input voltages, but i thought.the resistors were optional once a shifter was in place (at least if you r driving 5v 8211b’s)

Your layout is similar to what ive been breadboarding, except ive been powering my rig through a 110ac ac to 5v dc buck convertor, and feeding a relay to switch on power supply.

Nice work there. What program is used to build the custom pc board ?

Here how the board would look like when it finished. Hopefully everything going well. Thanks

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