NanaLeaf Clone Controller

3d printed 10 panels -set up 10 segments in wled - but I can not figure out how to manipulate the individual segment for each of the panels - My goal is to have each panel fade in/out with a random color, randomly.
how do I manipulate each strip segment separately - I automatically assume it is done with segments…

How have you wired your total set of LEDs?
In WLED the entire set of attached LEDs appears as one long strip.
The order of LEDs in that strip depends on how they’ve been attached and in what order you’ve connected each panel to the previous one.

If you have 10 LEDs in each panel and 10 panels connected in series to each other, then WLED will treat your setup as a strip of 100 LEDs.
Segments are a way of referring to a section within that total.
If you setup a segment from Start 0, Count 10 that segment will be LEDs 0,1,2…9.
Those should be the 1st 10 LEDs attached to your controller.
Similarly you create segments 10-19, 20-29, etc, each one referring to 10 LEDs in the entire strip.
Each one of those segments would refer to one panel in your setup.

You can then apply colours and effects to each segment as you wish and save the results in presets.

You include/exclude a segment in an effect by checking/unchecking the little box to the left of the segment.

You can also look into LEDmapping so you do not need that amount of segments

segmentation is always a problem on display controll

use led mapping and then set the effect on this

do you mean grouping???

no you can set individuall led order
so your display behaves as one big screan with one segment the base segment zero got special mutch faster options then the rest