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Can I add effects from this video? They are simple but very beautiful… Especially the one in the video at 07:27

I believe this is kind similar to the „Rolling Balls" effect, That already is part of the initial Effects list.

As much as I know it comes with one of those newer versions like 1.14.

To Archive similar results I’d suggest this:

  • putting speed to ~160
  • putting Amount of balls to 3.
    (Using Second slider, also called the intensity Slider)
  • set Color pallete with R,G,B in only a quarter of the bar. Just a quarter!
  • activate Collisions and or Fading

Yes, the “rolling balls” effect with these settings resembles the one in the video… How to implement movement in a circle? At the moment my light works from one end to the other…

That unfortunately is not Possible that Way, to make a workaround there’s no other way but instead creating a own effect

Correction: I have now created a similar effect using the „Two Dots" effect. I overlayed 2 layers. The buttom layer is holding the Red and green color. The top layer is just blue going the opposite direction of green and Red.

I optimized it for 150LEDs, You might need to adjust speed in those 2 segments, to get the perfect result.

Effect DATA

{“on”:true,“bri”:128,“transition”:7,“mainseg”:1,“seg”:[{“id”:0,“start”:0,“stop”:150,“grp”:1,“spc”:0,“of”:0,“on”:true,“frz”:false,“bri”:255,“cct”:127,“set”:0,“n”:“Red & Green”,“col”:[[255,0,0],[8,255,0],[0,0,0]],“fx”:50,“sx”:128,“ix”:0,“pal”:0,“c1”:128,“c2”:128,“c3”:16,“sel”:false,“rev”:false,“mi”:false,“o1”:false,“o2”:false,“o3”:false,“si”:0,“m12”:0},{“id”:1,“start”:0,“stop”:150,“grp”:1,“spc”:0,“of”:0,“on”:true,“frz”:false,“bri”:255,“cct”:127,“set”:0,“n”:“Blue”,“col”:[[0,0,255],[0,28,0],[0,0,0]],“fx”:50,“sx”:47,“ix”:1,“pal”:0,“c1”:128,“c2”:128,“c3”:16,“sel”:true,“rev”:true,“mi”:false,“o1”:false,“o2”:true,“o3”:false,“si”:0,“m12”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0},{“stop”:0}]}


Perfect!!! Yes, it works! Thank you!

Is it possible to customize any effect in wled so that it works like in this video at 9:20?

It looks like sound reactive, As it is one of the features that WLED has integrated… I think it is.

Btw: You can Overlay Effects from Wled.
create multiple segments to Overlay effects

Just experiencing with some settings, effects and segment options and you’ll get something that matches your desires :smile:

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FX129 Pixelwave could be good one to tweak