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Is there a way to create multiple custom non blinking or chasing effects? For example, if I just want a candy cane effect. Three red + three white and then the pattern repeated. Someone mentioned xlights which is fine but then how do I load the fseq file into wled. I want to keep the setup super simple so adding HA or FPP doesn’t make sense when I don’t need music or lights dancing, etc. I can almost do this with segments but then I can only save 1 group of segments under preset 16. Any thoughts?

No answer (because there currently isn’t one in WLED itself), but we went a bit off-topic on this thread: and discussed some options. Maybe we should move that part of that discussion here to remove it from the rest.

Try an effect like theater with the grouping set to 3 on the segment and choose white and red as the colors.

Thanks for your willingness to help. If I understand the implementation correctly, the colors still change and move. I am looking for zero change or movement. A static look where the pixel’s assigned color does not change.
For example: If I pick the effect “Dynamic” the colors don’t move or jump around = good. Now I need the option to pick the colors I want. OR is there an option to upload the colors I want and save it as a new sequence?

Hi! You could try the effect “Running 2” with the speed slider set to minimum - this will produce two alternating colors and you can set the spacing with the intensity slider.

This should also work with mode “Tri Chase” in case you want 3 different colors - but unfortunately there seems to be a bug that pixels still slowly move… will fix that soon!

Aircoookie! Thanks for responding. I will give that a try. I was wondering if there was a way that I could pay for a feature or two. For example the ability to add and save multiple segments? If this is a possibility could you email me at Thanks.

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Awesome! Yeah, I know that being able to save segments only to preset slot 16 is quite an achillis heel. Soon it will be possible to save more presets with each of them supporting all segments :slight_smile:
You don’t have to pay me for that, but you can always send me a small gift via Paypal ( once the feature is complete if you’d like!

Aircoookie. That sounds great. In regards to segments, they don’t seem to work as expected. Currently it seams that you can only virtually cut your entire led string into one set of segments which includes all LEDs and then you must use all newly defined segments moving forward. It’s VERY possible that I just don’t know how to use them. I was hoping there would be a way to create “Virtual Groups”? Then create containters/segments which include different groupings and spacing of ALL the leds depending on the pattern I want to save. For example if I had a 100 LED string:

  1. Group1 = Seg1(0-25) + Seg2(26-50)+Seg3(51-75)+Seg4(76-100)
  2. Group2 = Seg5(0-50) + Seg6(51-100)
  3. Group3 = Seg7(0-75) + Seg8(76-85) + Seg9(86-100)
  4. Group4 = Seg10(0-100)
    In this example I would use group4 for most of my displays. But when I want something unique, I could use the same led string cut into different virtual layouts and apply my settings to just that group. Thoughts?
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My understanding of how segments work today is exactly as you have discovered. The entire strip is cut up into segments. It’s either one segment with all LEDs in it, or several segments. To my knowledge, there is no way to separate them into groups using WLED native.
What you seem to want IS possible if you use DMX / xLights (enabling E1.31 protocol in WLED allows xLights to control and segment and group your lights as you want).
Perhaps a future update to WLED will have more detailed segmentation & grouping options. In fact, I think it will.
Maybe your request was already within the scope of those upcoming enhancements. Perhaps now that you have posted your request, those enhancements may be refined to include them.
I do not know, but am thankful you posted your desire so well. A well defined desire is quite helpful in finding ways to meet those desires!

There are grouping and spacing options. We need to document the various screens.

“ 1. Group1 = Seg1(0-25) + Seg2(26-50)+Seg3(51-75)+Seg4(76-100)
2. Group2 = Seg5(0-50) + Seg6(51-100)
3. Group3 = Seg7(0-75) + Seg8(76-85) + Seg9(86-100)
4. Group4 = Seg10(0-100)”

Yep, I think this is basically the same thing I was asking in a question for my shelf lights, but had no idea how to ask it.
So this allows you to control the whole string as 1 string, or quickly switch to controlling each segment of the string individually. Probably different use cases, but still what I need.

That’s not how Grouping works now, but I like it anyway.

Currently, a Group is the number of LEDs in a segment that act as one.

I don’t know if this helps you, but I made a fork of WLED that lets you run a JSON API call via an HTTP API macro and read the JSON from the onboard filesystem; this lets you create multiple scenes using the segment system and trigger them all from a single call. I also extended the button support to 3 buttons, so each button can now trigger a multi-segment scene (I’m only using static colors for each segment but any effect can be put on any segment). This is working well for me in several ‘architectural’ lighting setups.

My fork is here: if this helps.

The only additional thing I need to do to meet my needs is support multiple physical channels – I was thinking of putting the channel (pin) into the segment setup. I’m using 5 channel hardware I built today with the bitbang method (on a plugin I did for tasmota, which I’m not at all happy with) and its working fine for these sorts of static scenes and simple transitions.


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