New patterns from Pixelblaze

Hi. Do you know Pixelblaze? There are some nice effects there, you can download them or see the code. Is there any chance that some of the most interesting effects will be added to WLED? Can I use pixelblaze effect code somewhere to get the same effect in WLED?

Here is the link to the list of effects:

Here is a link to a demo video of the effects
Pattern demo

Here is a link to the project’s website

You can create your own custom effects from whatever source you like (provided it is legal of course) by creating a WLED UserMod.

I believe Pixelblaze patterns are programmed using a javascript variant. You’d have to re-impliment the algorithm in Arduino-flavored C or C++ to use with WLED.

Ok, but I hope that someone will like some effects and will be added to WLED in the future and available to everyone :slight_smile:

its repo says

“Pixelblaze itself isn’t open source (yet)”

so when it will be eventually, we may adapt its effect engine, since it’s also ESP8266 based.

(most) WLED patterns are based on FastLED, and I found some links on the Pixelblaze forum discussing porting patterns between Pixelblaze and FastLED, in case they’re useful: