Only first led lighting and no wifi when booting


It’s my first project using WLED but I will try to give the more details I can.
I have the following issue:

  • when I plug the D1 mini with the led strip connected, it does seem to boot properly because I can’t find it on my wifi router and only the first led lights up (bright white, not orange)
  • when I plug the D1 mini with the led strip disconnected, it does boot, I can find it on my wifi and use its web interface. I can plug the led strip once booted and everything works fine.

So I am here to ask for wiring review. Here is my current setup:

The led strip is a 60 led WS2812 and the USB charger a 5v 3a.

Am I right with the resistor I use?
I read I could need a pull-up resistor between D4 and 3.3. Could you confirm I need it and tell me which one use?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Resistor to 3.3V not to 5V first and one end should be on gpio0 with button. Another button pin goes to GND, but not to power. 100Ohm resistor remove completely.

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Thanks for the fast reply.
If I understand everything well, here is how it should be:

Can you confirm I get everything right?

Looks good. Don’t forget that data wire from controller to strip can’t be more then 10cm (4inch)

Thanks. I updated the wiring and still have the issue.
So I guess it comes from the fact my data wire (from gpio2) is too long (about 1m).

If I am right, I will need a level shifter or may be a pull-up resistor to solve the issue?

Pull up resistor will not solve your issue. You can use “sacrificial” pixel or shifter.

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Am I reading right that you try to connect thus to USB ?

With 60 LEDs this will not work.

You need a power supply that can drive 3A (50 mA per LED pixel) - USB cannit deliver that much current.

And add a 1000 uF capacitor between 5V and ground.

On a D1-mini you don’t need a pull-up on D4 - so you can remove this.

Thanks @srg74. I ordered a level shifter as I don’t really like the idea having the first led dimmer.

@Def3nder Yes, it is plugged to a USB charger delivering 3A and it is working well (if I plug the LED strip after the board booted). Do you think it won’t last?
About the capacitor, should it be near the LED, the board or it doesn’t matter at all?

Here is the updated diagram:

Hi @PerfectSlayer , the position of the capacitor doesn’t matter - I usually solder it near the ESP together with the other components.

The USB Charger should be fine - I thought you were speaking about a ‘normal’ USB port on your computer :smile:

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Can I ask what is the button for connected to D3

It is optional. You can setup up to three presets to switch to when you press it (short press, long press, double press).