Trouble with LED connection

Hey All,

New user to WLED, having some fun trying to connect LEDs. Running 0.13.0 on a D1 Mini. Had no issues flashing chip.

When wired up to my project, only the 1st 2 lights come on (white, green) and does not connect to WIFI:

When I wire up a different set of LEDs I get the cheery orange and am able to connect to WIFI and use app.

When I re-wire my project (with the board still powered), everything works and app is functional.

Any ideas on why it won’t fire up at the start?

Same board, different LEDs:

Project re-wired into circuit:

Try a different GPIO pin to drive the LED’s.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Poked around with the other GPIO pins with no difference. Confident I have the right pin.

Thinking it may be connection (wiring) issues. If I play around with data connection it sometimes connects and all is good, but hard to reconnect once the wifi connection has been shut down. Frustrating thing is it works on the other set of LEDs straight away, using the same connection method.

Will keep playing around. Other ideas always welcome.

I suggested using a different GPIO as some boards are sensitive to having particular pins pulled Hi or Lo at power up.

A different GPIO and corresponding change in the WLED LED Preferences page might respond differently.

Ahhh…gotcha. Will play around some more.

Tried GPIO settings 1 & 3. Nothing happened. Does fire up on pin 2, so confident that is correct.

Thinking it’s simply wiring issues, as it fired up several times as it should.

Will keep playing around.