Opinions - Lights on gutters

I’m putting up LED strips on the fron of my house. I plan to stick them to the gutters but I’m torn between the front of the gutter or under the gutter. Under the gutter would protect them slightly more from the elements but I’m afraid if would obstruct the view from the road.

Anybody have any thoughts or experience with this?


I mounted mine directly under the gutters onto the facia. They look awesome from the road and are completely protected from the elements. They are only exposed on the facia where there are gables. I think they actually look better under the gutters because it reflects off the underside of them and it gives them a glow. I can post some pics if you want.

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The people that are heavy into this always say to use pixels instead of strips and they mount them in drilled j-channel mounted to the eaves.

Here is how I installed mine a number of months ago…no issues at all and they are completely invisible to most people. Frosted cap isn’t installed in the first pic. But to show you at 70% brightness from 250’ away, I’d say they look great. I find the pixels in the j channel to be very noticeable. These aren’t.

To each their own of course.


Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’m going with the same setup since this looks great lit up.

The LED channels with the frosted covers make all the difference.

Just some other info:

Those are 30 LED/m strips.
Caulk the tops of the channels where they butt up to each other. Avoids water from entering and gathering.
Offset the covers so the joints span over the channel. I started the covers from the opposite end than the channel. Shortest channel piece has full cover over the joint to the next. Makes them straighter and can’t separate.
I also pre-drilled the channel and countersunk flat head screws. Tape lays flat that way.
Any other tips or tricks I can offer, let me know.