PAUTIX COB LED Strip Light White setings

Hi All,
I purchased this COB white strip from PAUTIX via Amazon:

It does not give any indication on the LED model used (except ‘COB White’)
I intend to use the DigUno (v3) in 24VDC and WLED. All is wired properly but I am struggling finding the right “LED Preferences” for this model.
What LED voltage should I select and what LED output protocol should I use ?

Thanks in advance.
All the best,

********** EDIT ********* Mistery Solved !!! this strip is not adressable: it’s either Warm White or Cold White !!! :frowning: so not meant to be use with WLED.

@Dominicd you got it not adressable
you can add a Transistor and play with the white colors