Physical Controller for 20 WLED nodes

hii im wondering if anyone has any examples of physical controllers to control WLED?

I want to retrofit the overhead fixtures at my work with WLED and be able to control all of them from a central physical controller. It would be 20 instances of WLED each running 64 leds.

I want the controller to be right next to the main light switch. It would be something simple like 3 pots, one for Color. one for Brightness, and one for Preset. Maybe a single LED above each one to indicate what state you are in.

Potential Solutions:

  • I was thinking I could install WLED on the controller ESP32 and then attach all the LEDS via Virtual LEDS (Virtual LEDs via DDP/ArtNet - WLED Project)

    • could only use 1 pot set up as “analog button” and then 3 switches. Might be able to achieve what I want with that
  • Another solution could be to control the 20 WLED nodes with E1.31 or ArtNet ? Maybe create a simple DMX controller going into an ESP32 or RasPi on the same network? I’m not sure how this setup would playout with 20 different IP addresses though

Any tips or hints, advice, pitfalls or gotchas would be awesome before i start experimenting!

use a Raspberry FFP contrroll software is Xlights
this wwill work perfect on static IP
@zumdar i only got 6controllers around the Housing D1 wemos shield no extra power at 150nodes per WLED - this workes well

the Front Player Raspberry workes over E131 DMX

FPP (Falcon Pie Player)

Thanks for the recs! Falcon Player seems nice, maybe a little overkill for this simple installation?

Ive also been checking out WizMote (
This option seems the easiest, but a little annoying to set up the same presets for all 20 nodes. Also would be hard to get any kind of global motion / gradients across the entire installation.

Here is a diagram of what I’m aiming for the installation

@zumdar Hi you can store the Presets and the Config to the pc from the first one and upoad this to the other 19

or use a Player and only setup the WLED controller with fixed WIFI IP
the player does the rest so only one config to change see Ronald at Xtream lights PLAYER

Are you referring to Player Light Stream ? I havent tried using this. Im curious about more architectural solutions. Do you have any examples or links of this in use?