External WLED Controller for Club use case

Hello community,

I‘ve build 10pcs LED Bars running on WLED which I control via Artnet and QLC Light in a club scenario.

For me this setup has some downsides.

  • lots of manual configuration
  • unstable
  • less transparency
  • bad usability

I‘m searching for a solution that can do the following

  • Define a Matrix of LEDs filled out by multiple WLED instances
  • Runs FX on this Matrix
  • Live Manipulation of FX (Change FX, Change Color, Change Speed)
  • Can be controlled by a Midi Controller or has a nice UI
  • Runs on a raspi or similar

Just wanna ask if somebody knows something out there or is willing to have a chat to kick off a project. I‘m a UI/UX Designer without dedicated coding skills. I‘m experienced with hosting party events over years and packed with ideas how such application can work.

Did you look on Xlight its basicly free and can run as you like even in full live mode over more then one protocoll and controllers as also Universes/gpio stripes

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You may want to have a look at Resolume Arena. I know you can send from it to WLED with Art-Net E1.31. Not sure about DDP. It has been years since I tried it. It would allow you to click Fx tiles on the fly.

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@faltim did you read the Artnet DDP discription

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Thx for your hints. I will check both tools. DDP Protocol in specific is more performant or what is the benefit?



I’ve checked Xlight and Resolume. Xlight isnt nice for live controlling and Resolume is way to expensive. Maybe it makes sense to build a small lightweight application with something like Django and BiblioPixel plus a nice looking FE. Scope could be just to control a simple matrix of multiple wled instances with some basic effects via DDP. If somebody has coding skills and is happy to kick off a project, I would be up for a chat :slight_smile:

Another option may be Mad Mapper https://madmapper.com I have never tried it with LEDs, but did use it for projection mapping once. This person used it for a matrix: Aidan Lincoln Fowler — Large Scale LED Installations with Teensy And MadMapper

It’s cheaper than Resolume Arena but really all that you asked for in your fist post basically sounds like Resolume is exactly what you are looking for. If it’s for a club use it as a tax write off :grin:

Now I tried Resolume Arena, really powerful tool! However its overwhelming and can do way more then I need. Something like resolume only for LED matrices with some predefined effects would be an awesome fit.