Planning new Xmas project - WS2811 curtain

Hello all,

Still not finished the first one, but still waiting on the last components to arrive… lol

I was thinking of making my own outdoor LED curtain using LED pixels WS2811.

I see a couple of ways of connecting them and will use WLED as the controller too and was thinking which would be the best way to connect them using WLED.

Option A:
I connect each strip together to form a “ZigZag” curtain-like below lol
\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ [the gaps are connected lo]

Option B:
I connect each line with a T junction and each strip hangs from above and they are all separate

What are your thoughts on the best results with WLED depending on the connections?



Option B is great for power distribution, the +5V and GND lines.
Option A is what you want for the data line, creating a daisy-chain so the data signal goes through every strip.
Hope that makes sense.

Good day, and thank you for the reply and very sorry for late response - life priorities haah

I agree and yes - Option B for power and set-up and the data line as option A.

Unfortunately, after the calculations costs rise very quickly when you have a 6 meters x 2 meters to cover… need to see if I’ll be able to afford later this summer before ordering :frowning: sniff…