PlatformIO suddenly won't build binaries? (Builds, no errors, but none produced.)

A few days ago, things were building just fine. Suddenly, it stopped producing binaries, even though it reported SUCCESS. Clean/Clean All/Build/etc. did not make it start again.

I have removed and reinstalled all the VS Code plugins several times, with various different results. Twice it’s made a binary, but the rest of the time it just says it did but makes nothing. Very odd. I don’t know what broke, but I wanted to post this here to see if others have encountered it.

I did find it would create the generic .bin but not copy it over to the build_output, which makes it seem like scripts are just not running at the end.

Anyone had this happen? I haven’t been able to consistently make new builds in about four days now.

This issue remains – it will work for awhile, then stop, then start working again. It seems it’s not running the final scripts, but I cannot figure out what is going on to cause it to break, or start working again.

Using macOS, Visual Studio Code, latest WLED retrieved from WLED.

I am hoping for a pointer on where to look for logs or something showing what the failure is.

Can someone explain this? I followed through the code to figure out it ends up at “”

I decided to print some print() calls in the script. When I do, I get my binaries again:

def bin_rename_copy(source, target, env):


def bin_gzip(source, target, env):

Boom. Build makes the .bin file.

So I took out the two print() calls.

And now it does not.

Computers, amirite?

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I had the same problem…hours of trying different stuff…

I followed your example, but only added:

def bin_rename_copy(source, target, env):

and esp32dev.bin, esp32dev.bin.gz, WLED_0.14.0_ESP32.bin

suddenly appeared on the next build.

Please make it make sense…please…