Quinled Digiquad V2.r7 and Onboard Temp Sensor

I have two quinled quad boards and have tried to get the temp sensor to read on them with the following setups:

    • 2 different Quinled ESP32’s with the antenna connector
    • 2 different Quinled ESP32 ABE’s with the network card hat

In all cases i have compiled the latest version 0.13.0-b7 from github on the units and I can see Temperature user mod settings screen, and can select the pin13 for the sensor.

This results in “0 Sensor Error!” message in the info screen.

I thought the code would disable the settings screen if it did not find the sensor during boot, if so then it see the sensor but cannot read the temp from it.

info screen

usermod screen

ESP32 has a long standing issue with correct readings of DS18xx sensors. At least with WLED running.
Please use experimental builds from @srg74 which have some slight modifications.
And report back.

Where is the link.