Random Power Cycling (Orange Lights)

No matter what effect or color I set my light strip to, it will always go back to static orange after a while.

I am running an ESP8266 with a 12V 6A power supply over 191 leds. This should be plenty of power to supply this strip so I am confused why it seems to be resetting all the time as if it loses power temporarily.

Has anyone experienced this and have a solution?

I would guess you’re seeing an issue with the 12V->3.3V converter you’re using.
This may be on the ESP8266 board, what type are you using?

That converter may be overheating and disconnecting momentarily which will cause a reboot of WLED.
You might try a smaller (1-2A) dedicated 5V supply for the ESP8266, make sure you connect the grounds of the 2 supplies together.

I am using a ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 ESP-12E. The board is controlling these LEDs below at 5V.

The picture below shows the setup I have put together. The power supply actually supplies both 12V and 5V. The 12V is going to a Ramps1.4 board for a CNC project. The 5V is going into a board I threw together for the ESP8266. What you cannot see is the wiring on the back of the board. The 5V comes in ad branches to the board and the LED 5V terminal (red). The ground from the power supply also comes in and branches to the board and the LED ground terminal (white). And of course the green LED terminal is the Data Pin which comes in to pin 4 on the ESP.

Everything works great normally. No issues connecting to it or controlling it. I just walk away and come back and it has reset to orange lighting.