Small ESP8266 based strip keeps resetting

I have a small strip of 21 LEDs (WS2812B) which keeps resetting - sometimes after several hours, sometimes much quicker. I cannot figure out why!

I’m using WLED 0.14 on an ESP8266, powered by USB-C cable. I had tried cabled to the back of my monitor, but am now using a dedicated 20W USB-C adapter as I thought that might be the problem. The strip is soldered to the 8266’s 5V, GND + D2/GPIO4 pins.

I’ve configured a 1000mA limiter (WLED estimates 950mA max draw when all LEDs are max white/bright).

I had to enable the ‘Disable WiFi sleep’ option as the ESP kept losing WiFi, which means I now don’t lose connectivity to the strip (with ping). But clearly the strip is resetting itself all the time as the startup preset is set to off (so I test with all LEDs on and wait for it to switch off).

Does anyone have any ideas how I can troubleshoot this further, please? It’s driving me nuts. I have 3 other similar controllers I’ve made which all work fine.

You will need to upload debug build and monitor serial output of ESP.
If you have Homeassistant try removing integration.

Thanks, I have now disabled the integration for this particular strip.

Can you help point me in the right direction where I can find out how to do this, please?

Looks like the problem is HA related - possibly because of using segments.

Since removing this strip from the HA integration, it has stayed on/stable for 24h+. I am now trying the same test with it powered from my monitor (rather than a mains adapter).