Wled - Esp 8266

Hello, good afternoon, first of all, thank you for reading me, I hope you can help me.

My name is Stiven and I have known about the esp8266 controller for a few months now. I have been working with them and the wled lighting control app.

I use esp8266 controller and ws8216 led strip.

When I connect for the first time to the LED strip, power, negative and pin d4 to control the strip works correctly.

If I turn off the power to the controller and plug it back in, it no longer works. A white LED lights up.

If I disconnect the LED strip, it works again, but at the moment I remove power from the controller and power it back on, it no longer works.

Can somebody help me?

Try using GPIO1 (TX on the board).

*Make sure you change your pin # in WLED - LED Preferences to 1

See if that works.

Hi welcome back
WS8216 is not a LED stripe as Flight tracker comes up here

the White LED seams to indicate a TX index as we all know from ARDUINO Times

Please look Carfull on your Setup and Wire

Post again your real Life items and wire setup