Remote controlled 1D Blob with portamento

Hi all,

I’m looking for a simple “static” effect to be controlled remotely via HomeAssistant or any other external remote.

What I need:

Set a static light spot on the strip with

  • Color
  • Brightnes
  • Position
  • Blur

Perfect would be to have a configurable portamento to set the time needed for the spot to glide from one position on the strip to a new one.

Use case:
I want to create a vertical light strip for a spiral staircase that can smoothly adapt the light hotspot according to the stair level that will be triggered by several motion detectors

Until now, after some research, I did not find any sollution for my use case.
As I’m pretty new to WLED I’m sure, that there might be a solution for my demand that I’ve just missed.

Is there anyone with a hint or clue how to solve this?

Thank you for your support!

best regards