Right placement of LED ends behind TV

Dear @Aircoookie ,
many thanks for the fantastic work you do with WLED.

I would like to use Hyperion via WLED and am thinking about where to set the beginning or end of the strip.

DrZzs and many others place the first LED in one of the corners of the screen.
For Hyperion NG this is not really important.
But if I want to use WLED effects like “Percent”, I have to place the first LED either on top or bottom of the screen in the center if the effect should have its origin there, right?
Would it be conceivable to let the user determine the origin of the “Percent” effect via the UI?

Looking at the effects list, the requirement concerns some other effects where it would be useful if the logical ends of the strip could be different from the physical ends, so that the effects can be aligned to the mounting conditions.

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If you configure segments, you can place the start / stop for each segment on any set of pixels you like. You can set the direction to be forward or reverse to get the effect starting at the right end of the segment as well.

Basically, install it how it makes it easy to connect everything up, then worry about configuring the strip to do what you want. It is a matter of noting it down on a piece of paper (old-school right?) and make some segment start/stop pixel count notes, and whether each segment should go forward or reverse.

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Thanks @huggy-d1. It seems that aircookie is preparing (and postponing) a feature to handle “circle” setups by defining a start pixel. Keeping my fingers crossed to get this in the next release. :crossed_fingers:

There is also code to enter your own LED order.

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Now I’ve installed the strips starting and ending in the lower center. All the effects that are referring to the ends do look better without the need to play with the segments.

Some effects look even better if I spit the strip into two segments with one mirrored. Thanks for this hint.

Is there a way to set some effects to use segment 0 (e.g. “Lighthouse”) and other effects (e.g. “Firework 1D”) to use segement 1+2 instead?

Of course, you can set the effect for every segment separately.