RST required to operate ESP

Good evening, I am coming back to you to try to find a solution to my problem.
On the MCUNode, there is 5v on Vin and the red wire of the LED strip, all the GNDs are connected to the sets. The power supply is 12v 5A, to which I put a step-down to 5v. The green wire (data) is connected to D4.
When I plug in the assembly, you have to press RST for it to work and everything is fine. If I just turn off the editing with the application I can restart without problem. On the other hand, if I cut the power supply and put it back, I will have to do an RST to make the assembly work again.
I don’t understand why the assembly does not take place when powered on.
Thanking you for your help. Sincerely.

if the PSU is 12V so why do you not use this 12V at the MCU Vin it can come with this

as the Node MCU rns why dont you connect via WIFI you do not need to get the USB in at all
after Flashing so no need to pull the RST
just save the new preset or if somthing happens sage the LED-Config the MCU will restart after that and show the preset at boot