Sanity Check My Setup

Hey all! I’m not doing anything new here, just another cabinet LED strip install. I just wanted to get some other eyeballs on my hardware layout and selections before I pull the trigger.

I can clarify as needed, unfortunately being a new user I’m limited on providing links and additional images. I’ll do my best to supply.


  • The power supplies I plan on getting have 2 different +/- 5v terminals. On the Main Cabinets, could I run both the power injection 5v line and the primary 5v line closest to the PSU from the same +/- terminal? My intuition was yes, but wanted to double check
  • My understanding is that for v5 LED strips, typically you want power injection for a full 5m strip on both ends, my assumption is that means I can get away without power injection on anything short of 2.5m, or will I still see color issues?


Power Supply Main Cabinets: BTF-Lighting 5v 30A 150W
Power Supply Cup Cabinet: BTF-Lighting 5v 8A 40W
Controller (x2): Athom WiFi Smart High Power RGBW LED Lighting Strip Controller
LED Strips: BTF-Lighting SK6812 Natural White 60 IP30
Wire: 14 gauge for running 5v/data (very unsure here, used the calculations and table at flexfireleds website)

Other Hardware:

Channels: Shape Spotless Silver Aluminum Channel System with 60° Curved Thicker Milky White Neon Effect Cover Diffuser


Couldn’t include due to new user limit.

Additional Notes:

  • There is a 1" overhang underneath all the cabinets
  • There is a ridge that’s created by the tops of all the cabinets I could potentially put the channel/leds on to avoid having to wire over the cabinet segments, I’ve gone with that length in my calculations since it’s the longer of the 2 options.
  • I’m paying an electrician to put an outlet above each of the 2 cabinet sections so I only need to run the low voltage wires.

Power Requirements 18 Watts per Meter for SK6812 LED Strip

Area Length Inches Length Meters Wattage Wattage + 20%
Cups Cupboard 62" 1.5748m 28.3464 34.01568
Main Cupboards Top 126.5" 3.2131m 57.8358 69.40296
Main Cupboards Bottom 85.5" 2.1717m 39.0906 46.90872
  1. Bigger supplies have multiple terminals connected to each other.

  2. You usually need to inject every 2-3M with 5v.