Scheduling - what am I doing wrong?

In Config>Time & Macros>Time-controlled presets

I have created 2 playlists. One that plays the lights I want. I have this under “Sunset” with the minutes set to -5. This turns on as desired. Every evening, 5 minutes before sunset. My second preset is just to turn everything off. I have created a preset with nothing on, and saved it. If I select it manually, it works as desired. When I put it under sunrise, or if I set one of the other time slots to something like 23:30, it does not do anything. What am I missing. If I don’t go in and select the “off” preset manually, the lights run 24 hours.

Take a look in your Off preset and delete everything out of the API Commands box and put in T=0. See if that works.

Thanks Jinx, I have changed my “Off” preset API settings to T=0. It works as far as turning everything off. Now I will wait to see if the sunset schedule turns it off tonight…