Schematic for ESP32/12F

Im searching a schematic for the ESP32 or 12F that powers the WS2815 suffienciently. My previous attempts failed miserably because the AMS1117 3.3 on the dev board is like a nuclear reactor at 12v and gets destroyed.

Also I have a big problem with 3.3v and 5v Data.

Is there a schematic? Its very frustrating…

Bottom part of the graphic here: Getting Started - WLED Project

You don’t power WS2815 from an ESP32. If you want to power the ESP from the same 12v power supply as the WS2815, you generally will need a 12v->5v buck converter as the boards generally have a max input voltage of 5.5-6V.

I know that I can’t power the ws2815 via the esp32, my current setup is an esp32 with buck converter due to the overheating of the ams1117 3.3

It’s all assembled on a perf board like an amateur.

I once tried my own PCB but it didn’t worked for some reason :frowning:

Is there some schematic existing for esp32/12f with a buck converter?

Also when do I need a level shifter? I’m currently driving the LEDs directly by pin, it works pretty good, but it’s only a very short distance. I’ve also had in the past some builds with floating issues. One time I know was due to messing up one level shifter.

12v to LEDs and 5v converter. Converter to ESP. You just need a common ground between them.

You should always have a shifter as the ESP puts out a 3.3v signal and the LEDs need 5v. As you have seen, sometimes it works without.

I know I need Common ground, but I’m searching for a schematic with buck converter and levelshifter, so I can solder a barebone esp12f/32 onto it. I want it to be small and reliable, my current setups aren’t that great. They improved, but a custom PCB would be nicer. Is there something, or do I have to make my own?