Scrolling text after segments were set up

ESP32 in 0.14.b4
Using two pins, two strips: one of 10 and the other 144
Setup nicely with two segments
Segment 0 is 10 LEDs in a row around the circumference of a circle
Segment 1 is a 9x16 serpentine configuration in 1D

I would like the 144 9x16 to be a 2D matrix able to display text.

How can I setup the basic 144 to be a a 9x16 matrix in 2D, without altering the very nicely working 2 segments?

Thank you for your rapid reply. I will give it a try. The example shows one GIO pin, my situation is two pins. As I work through it, the procedure should be similar to what you’ve shown me.

Thanks again.

Yeah you can mix 2d and 1d setup even on multiple gpios , just create the matrix on the first gpio and the others can be strips

Thank you. I needed your direction to advance a portion of a project. Ultimately easy and straight forward.

Thanks again