Segment Power toggle not working Build 2303160 w/sound

Can anyone tell me if they are having the same issue?

I was having some issues with one of my esp32’s resetting the Led Pref’ to the default 30 leds/channel one… (It was still on 13.1 I know I’m lazy lol) so I OTA it today to the latest Esp32 with sound bin from serg. When I press the power button under any of my configured segments it is not turning that segment off. If I use the segment’s brightness slider the brightness changes but nothing if I use the segment power button. If I have peek open it shows the same as my LEDs (all ON even if I toggle a segments power button to off)

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

Yes Mr Jinx , 13.1 is really old by wled standard . And using OTA from 13.1 to14 may not work in reliable way . The best way is to usb flash latest even if OTA somehow works as you might face issues later

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haha. Yea. But OTA was so much easier than standing up and moving 5ft and opening the enclosure and connecting the micro usb cable :grin:

Yeah i have so many esp8266 2MB in very strange and hard to reach places and today I found out you can not use OTA and it will just fail . too much work to reach them so I am even more lazy then you and i let them stay that way . One if them is giving errors but I just use IR and forget about gui

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