Segment scenes

I’ve set up led strips all along the roof edge of my kids room. Most effects look really good if each wall is set up as it’s own segment, but some effects look far better with the whole room as one segment. Is the anyway to accomplish this without the need to change the segment parameters every time I want to switch between the two?

Can you make 4 segments (one for each wall) and then select all 4 segments for the “Whole room” effects?
Once you’ve got it working the way you want, just save it as a preset.

For others, select only the segments you want and again save with a preset.

Effects apply to the segments that are “activated” (selected with a check box).
Seems pretty simple unless you have something else in mind?

When I have it set up as 4 segments, an effect like android starts in all 4 corners of the room, then travels down all 4 walls simultaneously to the following corners. When I have it set up as one segment, it starts in just one corner and then travels down each wall individually, in turn, returning to the original corner. I would like to be able to set these up as presets, so I don’t need to adjust segment parameters to switch between the two.

But you can save the number of segments you’re using in each preset.
You might have to change the setup once before you save the preset, but after that you can just use a previous definition and save it as a new name.
That should make it pretty easy to swap segment “styles” on the fly.

When you change presets it should bring up the segment(s) that were saved in the definition.