Settings for "Parallel u-shaped" LED Stripe


I built a indirect light source on my ceiling with three shelfes all connected to one ESP via one data-line and ordered as below (LEDs 1 to 160).
Is it possible to set up “virtual” parallel stripes with one data line to act like one linear segment like in the second part of the picture below?
(So, for better understanding - a running light from 1 to 80 in the second part of the image would start and run simultaneously on LEDs 30/31, 29/32, 28/33, … and from 1/60 to 81/61, …).

Also I thought I could address a part of a stripe (e.g. LEDs 80-100) as separate segment (so I could light them up individually).

As for using a plain ESP8266, I would prefer to not split the 3.3V Signal for parallel addressing and/or using a level-converter (due to circuit size) :grimacing:

…and I hope my description is not too confusing :innocent:

I think I understand what you’re describing here, and I can think of two possible solutions:

Use a custom ledmap to reorder the LED’s so the “simultaneous” pixels are next to each other. Then you can just group the as pairs in the segment definition.
Your led map would start like: 1,60,2,59,3,58,4,57…and so on up to … 29,32,30,31,61,81,62,82,63,83… up to 79,99,80,100,101,160,102,159,103,158 and so on.

Check out the docs:Mapping - WLED Project for more details.

The other way is to physically reverse strings (turn them around) 31-60, 81-100 and 131-160.
Then take the input to 1 and tie it to 31 the output of 30 goes to 61 and 81 tied together and the output of 80 goes to 101 and 131 tied together. That will physically duplicate the data on each leg of the U and give what you’re describing.

The mapping method is more flexible and gives you options in the future.

Hey @divsys,

thanks for your recommendations and sorry for the late reply. At time of the post I just finished 1/3 of the installation. Now Im on 2/3 :sweat_smile: Not finished but good enough to test your suggestion with remapping the LEDs.
As you intended, thats more flexible.
I now changed the order of the leds from the outer u-shape over to the inner u-shape (30-1, 61-80, 101-130 and back over 131-160, 100-81, 60-31). I then mirrored the segment :sunglasses: :+1:
So far the running light effects work as they should.
Thanks a lot for your help!! :slight_smile: