SK6812 12V - Not showing correct color

I am trying to get an SK6812 RGBW 12V strip setup, and am running into the colors not showing up correctly. I was told by the manufacturer that I should set the color order to RGB, but that does not result in the correct colors. If I set it to BRG, I get the correct colors for red, and green. For the Blue though, the color is the warm white. If I move the color slider all the way down and the white slider all the way up, I think get a blue color.

I have seen mention of a checkbox in the setting to indicate 4-channel LEDs (RGBW). There is no place for me to check that checkbox, but I am assuming because I am picking SK6812 RGBW in the drop down, it knows that I am using RGBW.

Any tips on correcting this problem?

Which wled version?

SK6812 is RGBW, so no reason to set it in another spot.

Note that most of those have the blue LED right next to the white, so the blue excites the white phosphor.

I am on the latest binary (WLED_0.13.0-b6_ESP32.bin). I don’t really see a hue of blue when I click on the blue color. The lights turn white. It is almost like the channel is flipped.

I got these from - not sure if that makes a difference.