Some C3 Super Mini's can't connect to Wi-Fi

Hi all! I’ve been posting in Discord the last couple days about tracking down an issue with the latest batch of ESP32-C3 Super Mini’s I ordered from AliExpress.

Turns out, the PCB design was adjusted slightly! I want to post here to warn others to be cautious when ordering online now. The Wi-Fi performance is so bad, it’s entirely unusable! -_-

Please check out my writeup for more information, photos, and safe purchase links (non-affiliate)!

Good luck out there! Stay blinky!


it seams that manuelly connecting to the AP via smartphone on the 0,15 Version goes well
then use the smartphone/Tablet to adjust the WIFI !
Onle get the SCVAN and the pasword to the Homenet no static
then connect after a reboot from a browser to the ESP (( see router for given IP)))
then you can use the menue to give it a static if you need

Your post again has absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

Yes, FWIW the AP mode works reliably. I think there’s a difference in TX/RX dDm, or at least the poor signal is mitigated by using your (usually phone in my case) close to the device.

@Magig_Wled you are not being helpful and are often off-topic. You are just confusing other users.