Some LEDs light up differently

I have a 200 W power supply from BTF Lignting, a WS2812B LED strip from BTF Lignting and an ESP 8266 microcontroller from AZ Deliversia. And in my case, about every 10 LED lights are in a completely random color and the effect runs through very roughly.
What’s can I do?

add a levelshifter

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did you set the Power limiter off in wled LED Preferences

hownany LED are in your config

is there more then 4 segments on the 8266

you need to injekt the 5V from Both sides and every 150 NODES

Yes, I have set a power limit. I have 584 LEDs and I feed the 5V into the middle. And I only have one segment.


@Jinx the 8266 is fully 5V no shifter needed but a 100-1k ohm if the first LED is under 3feet or1meter to the Controller

@Maxi3174 584Nodes one segment will not be configured inside the Color array
you need a 2 pin /Univerde Configuration
and then 1segment might work
add the 5V injektion also to the sides ONLY the 5V not the GND

that is not the case. all ESPs are 3.3V.

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This is wrong. esp8266 or esp32 is only 3v3 out. You can get away without a logic level shifter sometimes if you have a short feed wire to the LED strip and its a small segment. for a full roll of 16.5’ LED, I would suggest you use a logic level shifter and it sounds like you need to.

Also, what is the length of wire from your ESP8266 to the LED strip? If any longer then plugged right in, then I HIGHLY suggest you use a logic level shifter and also you need to install a resistor in line of the data line as close to the LED strip as possible. I’ve personally tried the “sacafitial LED” method and it never works. Some say use a 33R or 220R or whatever resistor… I’ve found that it is a diffrent size depending on the length of wire, voltage, etc… so I made an inline pack that has a jumper with a line of resistors and I plug in the LED strip to it, and the ESP32/8266 line IN and experement which jumper for the resitor works best for that application. So play around with your resistors. I’ve found that this is only truely important if you are using 12v LED’s. Never really had an issue with 5V LED’s. But also every with just a SINGLE strand, feed power into the back of the strip too… 5V LED’s really can not run the full 16.5’ length in my experiance. Also, in WLED, turn OFF the brighntness limiter.

Here is a screenshot of my data stabelizer… I don’t have any made up left, so this is my PCB render. But stupid simple solution and it goes in a small box and pigtails go through the slots and solder in where the PINs are rendered. So onsite, I just plug and play and I put a few caps to stabilize the power.

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100% :slight_smile:

Yes. It also depends on type of wire used. ‘Generally’ 3 core wire works best with 33Ω. (though I have only ever needed to add one when using lengths longer than 10ft and yes I have seen 5v flicker). Any other strange wiring is less uniform the whole way and then it’s more of a guessing game as to what value works best.

-Thx for the support guys. :wink: