Sound Reactive Sensitivity

First project. ESP32/Logic Level Converter/Max9814 Microphone. Flashed WLED Sound Reactive version. Powered up, connected via Windows PC, made appropriate WIFI alterations, and voila – I have sound reactive lights. Everything appears to function exactly as expected. Awesome.
Had envisioned placing strips near my entertainment center. While the sound reactive function works well when the microphone is placed in close proximity to one of my speakers, it does not seem to pick up sound when placed between speakers. That is, microphone ‘pick-up’ drops off markedly with increasing distance from the sound source. Is there a way to increase sensitivity? Noted that there are some ‘line in’ alternatives. Would '‘line-in’ be a viable solution?

Might be try to adjust the gain and analog line-in is still analog but could solve this issue with mic placement . for better result I would go with digital mic