SP501E: is it a decent WLED controller?

You’ll likely start to see issues (if they’ll appear) when you “max” out your strip.
Try upping the power in config to more than your supply can provide, say 9000ma.
Then create a full white max brightness preset and watch for dropping of colour and/or brightness near the ends.

If you’re happy with brightness levels with your PS as is, just leave it alone.
Personally I prefer my PS’s to be more capable than the strip could require.

My power supply can do 10A but the SP501E says max 6A through it. I’ll undo the strings and check the end tonight

The 6A limit of the SP501E only matters if you are powering the LEDs by using the SP501E. If, instead, you power your LEDs directly from the power source and only provide them with the data from the SP501E, then your current limit would be your 10A power supply.

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