SP511E vs SP611E connectors


I recently bought a 100-LED string (Christmas Lights String Lighting WS2812B RGBIC Addressable Individuall – BTF-LIGHTING), which is controllable via BT + IR, by using an SP611E module, which contains a female 3-pin connector like the following:

(to be continued on next post).

The LED string has the corresponding male:

But the new module (SP511E) has a different 3-pin JST connector:

Does anyone know how these SP611E connectors are named and if there are any adaptor cables which would allow me to connect this LED string directly to the SP511E module (without cutting wires and crimping new connectors)?

Thanks in advance for your help

I’ve never seen connectors like that before. I have several SP611E controllers and they all came with the standard JST-SM connectors. I would just remove that connector and solder on a regular JST connector.


this is the only correct way

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In the meanwhile, I also posed the question to BTF-Lightning directly and their answer was: Sp611e light string set connector adopts our customized square connector…

Translation “we’ve been taking lessons from Apple”

Yep, and they even told me: You purchased the sp611e light string set. If you need to use it with sp511e, we suggest you can buy a single light string.

What they forgot to mention is that the sp611e they include with the light string was modified from the “regular” sp611e…

I will anyway follow your advice, just wanted to be sure that there was no other way :wink: