Support for GE G-35 addressable holiday lights

I have a few strands of the 8 led GE HSRGB-D-8 light strands, which I would assume would use the same communication protocol as the GE-35 lights. deepdark, as well as a few others have analyzed the led communication protocol in depth, and written their own software to control the lights using Arduino compatible boards. I have spent a couple hours reading various blog posts form the early 2010’s about the topic, and even experimented with one of my sets using the latest WLED release running on an ESP8266 and a Dig Uno board. I tested the strand with each of the protocols available in WLED that do not use a separate clock line, and have not found one that works with the leds. Several of the articles I’ve read go into great depth about the communication protocol, but none mention an actual name for the protocol. I am hoping that one of you knows what the protocol is officially called, so that I can request it in the next release of WLED.

Thank You.