SYNC Memory Facility

Is it possible a Sync memory could be added?
When I power down my 3 synced controllers it would be nice for the master controller to remember it was synced. This would allow the lights to reconnect after powering up and run my normal playlist linked together. At the moment during a power up cycle sync has to be manually selected each time within the app.

A better solution may be to look into virtual LEDs (DDP).

I don’t see why this couldn’t easily be implemented into Wled. Presets and playlists remain stored when the controller is powered down so why not the Sync button? Sync just needs to latch in its last known state before powering off.

It’s possible, just likely to kill your on board flash with multiple writes over time…

I have not tried it, but the sync button is part of WLED’s JSON API. That means it can be saved to a preset and played back as the default preset.
Look up “API command”

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This could work and something I had overlooked. I’ll try it out on a test setup and report back.

After bench testing I can confirm that Sync can be saved as a single preset or a complete playlist.
All you have to do is make sure the Sync button is on before you save the preset/ playlist. Set the preset/ playlist number in led preferences as boot default and that’s it. During a power up cycle the controller automatically switches on sync at the first sequence.

Thanks for your help everyone and many thanks to huggy-d1 for jogging my memory.