Tick a box to save/exlude colour in presets for colour consistency


It would be great to be able to exlude the colours from all presets saving, just as it’s already possible for segments.

I’m using WLED in a club configuration with other lights and mainly use it for monochrome, with one color plus several blacks.
This feature would allow me to use the same presets and playlists while chosing/switching between different colours to match the other light fixtures in the room.

Thank you for your software which is already amazing!

You can always remove color information from saved preset.

Really? How? I’m on 14.0.

Also what I meant is not modifying color information after it being saved but exclude it completely from the presets.

This would allow users to use playlists of the same presets with different colors.

I’ve also tried the workaround to use a second ESP32 to be the “master” of color although it seems the syncing feature is only momentary, so the color would change back to the saved one as soon as the playlist launch the next preset.

Please consult KB.

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I guess when you have a lot of segments it would still improve the workflow a lot to just uncheck a box when saving presets instead of erasing the “col” values for each segments every time BUT it still works perfectly!

Thank you so much for leading me to it @blazoncek !:slight_smile:

10.000 users 10.000 wishes.
Can’t accommodate all.